After an intense out pouring there is often a lot of material to draw upon. WIth hundreds of still images and hours of film footage to explore, and so much experience and information to reflect upon and I am usually really keen to plough, sift, and discover as soon as possible. It has been this way for me this week.

Whilst it can be tempting to jump straight in and begin to create new work from the documentation without taking stock of what really happened, I have to remind myself to pause for a moment, to rest, reflect and review.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of material that has been generated I don’t know where to start with making sense of it all. Rushing to ‘make’ something, rushing to ‘make’ sense, might help relieve the panic momentarily but in my experience it is rest and reflection that is the most productive in the longer term.

So I am trying to stop a while, p a u s e and remember what just happened there….

…what did just happen there?



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