By looking back at my initial project proposal I can see what has been going well, not so well, and differently from what I planned, hoped for or expected. As part of the official Arts Council England evaluation process these things will be examined very closely and in great detail. For now though, with one third of the project still left to go, I am taking an general overview of the situation so far.

I am still feeling a bit stunned by what happened in Fabrica two weeks ago. I made a commitment to make ritual the work and I was witnessed and documented in that place. Now I find myself looking around at what went before, as if in an attempt to make sense if how I got here.

Discussing this with my mentors this morning, I referenced laurel and Hardy and the line, ‘ this is another fine mess you got me into!’

Not sure where to go from here and not quite sure what to do next, I am looking back.

I am reviewing and reflecting in order to take stock of what is here right now – in this new place.

…and I need to remember to keep breathing!

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