As this project ‘Moving Practice’ comes to an end and I focus on evaluating the process which has taken place since December 2012 through to spring 2014, I realise once again how little time we have: in a single project, in a day, in a life generally.

This project which was to be 15 months long. How long is that? In that time I have been able to learn a new and extremely valuable skill which I have previously only dreamt of gaining. For decades I saw films running in my head but never before felt confident in taking on the challenge to learn the necessary skills to translate these into film. Previously I always thought these skills were beyond my capabilities and so I worked always with a technician who I could direct.

I believed I was more of a hands on the materials type of person and that anything plugged in to the mains electricity was likely to be beyond my capabilites but what I discovered is that with regular and careful tuition, which allows for my specific learning style, and regular, (most likely daily) connection with the technology I could and can learn things I previously thought may have been impossible.

I am delighted at the new vocabulary I have gained over this period and the feedback and support I have received, the opportunities that have arrisen and the friends I have made.

I am grateful to the Arts Council England who have provided this incredible opportunity, and to all the many generous supporters who offered much of their personal time and attention to help me throughout the project. (of whom there are many)

Perhaps ‘I cannot help how my heart feels‘ is an expression of my love and appreciation to everyone and everything that enables and supports me…

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