About ‘Moving Practice’ project

I want to bring performance and moving image to the forefront of my practice by re-evaluating previous work. I’m going to be looking at the things that have influenced me and the processes I have used from a performative perspective. I’m interested in earth, body and ritual, the importance of creativity and in how the engagement with and making of art might be considered a spiritual practice. This project is 16 months long. After some reflection on the past, I hope to let everything drop away behind me and step out into the unknown.


About Veronique Maria

Veronique Maria passionately explores the subtleties of intimate connection between ‘self’ and ‘other’. She has previously researched this through art forms such as sculpture and painting and is now exploring these through film-making.

“I am passionate about relationships; our relationships with ourselves, with others, and with our environment.

Whilst we might sometimes experience ourselves as separate and alone, I believe that on one level, everything and everyone is interconnected. These feelings of being both separate and together bring a tension which we live with constantly.

I am interested in the deep inner landscapes (physical and psychological) that arise out of our lived experience of this existential tension, and in the way that everything around us seems to echo these inner landscapes.

Whether using layers of materials, such as clay, earth, and pigments, or layers of images, sound and film, I am always looking to create textures that mirror the environments we inhabit, and which offer space for us to reflect and re-member (our selves).”

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Images and project updates by Veronique Maria (artist).
BA Hons Art & Design, MA Applied Psychosynthesis.

Contextual insights by Kate Davey (art historian and writer).
BA Hons History & Philosophy of Art, MA Art History and Museum Curating.

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